Forensic Salary Basics

Along with the quite consistent list of responsibilities of a forensic investigator of any kind there are, of course, some really nice rewards for the hard work and dedication – and in this post, I’m not talking about the moral and personal rewards of catching the bad guys and making the world a safer place. The rewarding we’re talking about is financial – the payment range and the perks of being such a specialist.

If you’ve ever take into consideration the possibility of becoming a forensic scientist and one of the main attractions is constituted by the salary, you must know that the payment can differ consistently from a department to another, which means that choosing the proper science to study is of high importance.

Factors affecting the payment rate

As it is mentioned above, choosing the subdomain in which a future specialist wants to profess is one of the most defining future payment problems that can be cut from the root. Under no circumstances should you study something you are not passionate about, since the occupation is quite stressful and pressing; you’ll be much better at what  you do, and as a result, you’ll earn more money if you like what you do.

Therefore, any student should opt for studying something he or she is really enthusiastic about, so that crisis situations can be handled best but, in case someone happens to oscillate between two similar areas, one of the criteria after which the choice will be taken can concern the average salary in the field.



In the United States of America, for instance, the payment can vary from $40 000 and $70 000 annually, while a series of other factors must also be taken into consideration, including the location. In other states the paying range differs from the one in the US. In Canada, for instance, a forensic specialist is paid within the aisle $22 000 and $66 000, one of the reasons for which the new specialists tend to migrate to the United States. In UK the average senior forensic scientists gains over £50 000 a year. The experience in the field must be taken into consideration as well when calculating the average income.

salaries trend UK

Working for a governmental institution or for a privatized laboratory constitutes another criterion after which the salary can vary, as well as does the size of the institution that has made the hiring. Another criterion that weighs in calculating the salary is the scientist’s experience in the field. For example, in UK a trainee or assistant is paid with approximately £16 000 to £18 000 a year. The difference compared to a senior scientist is quite consistent, taking into consideration that the senior will be paid with an amount of money that is three times more substantial.  Strictly connected with the experience level is the education level that an employee has completed, as well as the certifications that guarantee the quality of the investigative processes. As it is in any other company or institution, the leadership positions are better remunerated.

Job salary differences

A forensic serologist earns $42 000 to $62 000 a year in the United States, while a forensic dentist (known as forensic odontologist in the field) can reach somewhere between $150 000 and $185 000 annually, according to the (ADEA) reports. While the payment rate is very high compared to other specializations in the field, many educational certification are needed in order to profess.


An anthropologist is usually employed as a part of the crime scene investigation unit and his income varies from about $35 000 as a laboratory technician to $90 000 as a professor in forensic anthropology. The payment rate also varies from a state to another within the boundaries of US. For instance, as a forensic linguist, someone can earn from $70 000 up to over $100 000 if the employer’s a prestigious national institution, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the UK there are some differences in remunerating the forensic specialists. For instance, a psychologist in the field can get to gain from £24 000 as an entry level up to £65 000 as a senior, compared to the approximate same numbers in dollars received in the US.

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