Let bring some heat back to cold cases

A brand new forum named Cold Case Collective debuted a few days back, set up for those that would like to turn their hand at working in investigations, or those that already are but have that one cold case still bugging them.

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The forum gives you a place to share data, facts and theories with others, to put your brain to work on solving a case or get a fresh perspective on your work.

It’s a really powerful resource. People working on a missing person’s case are encouraged to post their findings in the MP section, by name or state, so that people may pitch in with information or theories. The Forensics section may help with linking two pieces of information, or matching evidence to the case.

If you are not sure what cold case to begin working on, you may like to start working on either a john or jane doe or a case that has gone cold in your own home town. Go to  and start looking around or ask Google for “cold cases” in your area and find something that piques your interest.

Or just visit the General Discussions board and get a feel of the community before you dip into the forum.

The more people join, the more information will be available for sharing, more eyes be put to good use and theories will become wilder, and probably more true. So why not become a consulting investigator?

You can visit the forum at .


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