Welcome to the Crime Scene Investigator’s resources site !

ITSGOV’s mission is that of providing informative and valuable resources from the world of crime scene investigation and forensic science. Interested individuals will find all of sorts of insightful information related to their object of study, be it forensic anthropology, pathology, entomology, DNA forensics, and so on, besides various “industry news” or real life CSI cases.

If you made it to this webpage, then most likely you’re passionate about CSI and forensics, and there’s a pretty good chance you’re also interested in someday becoming a practitioner in this highly demanding, yet rewarding, field. Forensics is a vast domain, which requires a lot of training and numerous sacrifices, while the demand for CSI experts in the world has always been barely field. However, with this in mind, it’s strikingly surprising how little information on the subject is available. ITSGOV aims to provide guides and paths on how to embark and succeed in a forensics career, and in the process fill this enormous gap.

As always, if you have a comment or suggestion on how to make this site better, or you’re actively looking to contribute to ITSGOV, please head over to our contact page and drop us a line. We’ll reply shortly.

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