Education programs in the field of forensic entomology

Not that many Universities offer programs related to forensic entomology. In order to get an education in the field, you have to either find one of these extremely few programs, or prepare yourself in the field of pure entomology, and take some courses or follow special forensic training. Of course you’re not going to find any bachelors in this field, as you there are some serious education requirements for forensic entomology; this is just a list of masters programs, all of which are in America. I’m not currently aware of any other programs but there should be some more, so if you stumble across one, share it with the rest of us.

The Department of Entomology announced their Forensic and Investigative Science Program November 23, 2007, as a way to prepare students for problems unadressed before, including forensic entomology. They have several highly trained professors, including Dr. Jeff Tomberlin, assistant professor since fall 2007, and member of the American Board of Forensic Entomology Certified Entomologists. The university has numerous research facilities, and is definitely one of the driving forces in the field.

Michigan hosts some very good courses, including Forensic Entomology: The Role of Insects in Crime Scene Investigations. Their department is also very qualified and they feature a facility called the ‘Bug House’ – the name pretty much speaks for itself.

They have a great department of general forensics, and also a department of entomology which were advertised by the host of “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe, when he and a production crew visited the facility and took part of daily “gross” tasks in forensic research.

University of California Davis
This is perfect if you want to get involved; they are very well known for their numerous published papers as well as several awarded grants each year. The Master of Science program in forensic entomology n is a multi-disciplinary field of study, also involving courses in psychology, law, medicine and even engineering.

The program offers solid knowledge in five fields related to forensic entomology, integrated pest management and DNA analysis.

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