America shocked by Long Island serial killer

A criminal profiler explained the way the Long Island murderer thinks and acts, who is wanted by the police, after crime scene investigators discovered at least eight bodies on a south-east New York beach.

Louis B. Schlesinger confutes the public opinion, which was that the killer is a brilliant mind, who manages to avoid being captured by the NYPD criminal investigators and crime scene investigators. Schlesinger says that the murderer in not motivated by rage, but by sexual deviations, he wants to manifest control over his victims.

“We are dealing with a sexually, motivated serial killer”. The profiler explained that the most difficult of the killer’s tasks is the abduction, that is why they prefer killing prostitutes, as they never refuse accompanying them.

One of the victims’ sister was contacted by the man – criminal investigators believe it might have been the criminal himself. The forensic psychologist says that this kind of behavior is not out of the ordinary.

“This kind of people are extremely sadistic. Making others suffer turns them on.”

The man that contacted the victim’s family was careful enough so that the call could not be traced by the techs, thus the general opinion is that the perpetrator is a cop or a person familiar with the procedure, or he could just be watching CSI. Schlesinger thinks that the numerous TV series about crime scene investigators and profilers made this knowledge available to anybody who watches TV or has an internet connection.

The Green River killer’s activity map

The most frequent way to catch this unsubs is for a victim to escape him alive and then identify him, but the major problem is that most of the time, for various reasons, the survivor doesn’t come forward with the info.
Another misconception the professor wants to address is about all the serial killers being very smart people, with high IQs, who doesn’t leave any forensic evidence behind and avoids  crime scene investigators at all time. “Nothing could be further from the truth.” Serial killers have rather low IQs. For example, Gary Leon Ridgway (born February 18, 1949), known as the Green River Killer, who was apprehended 30 years from his first murder, was considered a criminal genius by the general public, but turned out to have a below average IQ of 83.


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