CSI beginner book guaranteed to get you above your competition

The Encyclopedia of Crime Scene Investigation

Of course, if you want to become a crime scene investigator, you can’t rely only on what you learn at college or at your crime scene investigator courses. The best form of education is, as always, self education, and this book will definitely help shape your knowledge of crime scenes, forensic analysis, and numerous other things you have to know.

It doesn’t require much knowledge in advance and it uses simple and clear explanations on all topics and it contains more than 300 entries discussing applications and techniques of crime scene investigation. Despite the fact that many entries lack the in-case depth that other publications or books show, the advantage is that you get a clear idea about many topics, and you are guaranteed to understand everything it says. Arranged A-Z, each entry is a concise description of the topic, and even though a big bibliography is included, the bad thing is there are no further read recommandations.


Author Michael Newton is a longtime Baltimore Police Department crime scene investigator and contributor to more than 200 texts in the area of crime and forensic analysis, so you get information straight from the source. All in all, if you want to know how to become a crime scene investigator, if you want to get a head start in front of the competition, or just find out more information about crime scenes and forensic analysis, the Encyclopedia of Crimes is definitely the book to read.

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