Crime Scene Investigator book: Behind the Yellow Tape

If you are interested in becoming a crime scene investigator, I have news for you: the competition is tough. T-O-U-G-H. You want every bit of advantage you can get – and this book might be just that advantage.

Written by former trainers at the National Forensic Academy, the book takes you over a number of CSI examples, extremely diversified, from the all empowered Texas Rangers to the sophisticated NYPD you see in all sort of movies. You get to see the facts as they occured, you find out what the forensics results were, you solve the crime step by step along with the policement who actually did it. It’s uncensored, and it shows you REAL crime scene investigator cases, as they happened, with every bit of truth.

Even more, it gives procedural details, and shows you the kind of things that you never get to see on TV – how crime scene technicians rest not knowing when they will be called, or how fast do medical examiners examine corpses.

The only downside I can state is that the two authors speak a lot about the program which formed them, and it’s a bit over the top if you ask me; just simple mentions and explanations about the program went would have sufficed.

All in all, a fantastic book and one that will guarantee to teach you something you didn’t know about CSI’s – if you’re not one already.

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