Free Legal Clinic for CSI students in Idaho

csi clinicLegal services for CSI students are a scary thought – cash is short, and the associated issues are numerous. However, in Idaho, a resource for free forensic legal advice has been opened!

Behind closed doors, Christina Mcfarling meets with a Magic Valley attorney to discuss personal legal issues something that can cost hundreds of dollars.

“I like the idea that it’s free, if I wanted to talk to a lawyer it would be a lot of money to see the lawyer” said Christina Mcfarling, seeking legal advice.

Indeed, when preparing for a forensics carreer, a few discussions with attorneys are absolutely crucial, but alas, they are also increidbly expensive. The CSI advice clinic is a place where all students in the field can go and have all their questions answered.

“We have two volunteer attorneys at each session and we try to address questions in terms of what their legal rights are and try to get them other resources that might help them,” said Attorney Laired Stone. Students shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions, local attorneys make the entire process confidential.”

Most questions have common themes:

“We have questions dealing with wrongful termination, disputes with landlords, and credit issue. We get a whole variety” said Stone.

All in all, there are 14 volunteers working there.

“I’ve looked on the internet to try to get help before and I found out we had this program going on and I learned a lot.”

Learning and helping CSI students advance their way through college – I just wish I’d have something like this to write every single day.

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