Phoenix Jones, Seattle crimefighting superhero loses day job

If you’d look at today’s movies, you’d be tempted to think that every big city has at least one superhero taking care of it and fighting of bad guys. But if you look at the facts, there really aren’t any heroes to go around; except for Seattle. Seattle has its own self proclaimed super hero: Phoenix Jones.

Phoenix Jones doesn’t have any super powers, but is equipped with a bulletproof vest, pepper spray, stab plating, hand cuffs, a stun baton and a first aid kit. Jones said he wanted to take care of things in his own way, after being disappointed several times by the Seattle police, and seeing many people in dire need of help – your average superhero story so far. He didn’t save the world, and he didn’t even save Seattle, but according to several reports, he did prevent a series of crimes taking place, such as stopping a bus jacking and several car thefts and helping several people who were beaten up.

However, on October 9th something intriguing happened. Phoenix Jones was arrested for questionable use of pepper spray, after some night club patrons claimed they were attacked by the masked man. However, video recordings showed that this was not the case and that Phoenix Jones indeed stopped a fight in progress; charges was dropped and he was released just hours later.

However, following his arrest, he was forced to unmask and his true identity was revealed – which we won’t discuss here, because, well, you just don’t do that. The bad thing is that the was fired from his day job – a teacher for autistic kids. Does being a superhero in your spare time make you unfit to teach autistic children? If anything, it makes you more likely to be able to bond with them. He hasn’t posed any danger to civilians and he did really good at his job – his heroic attitude seems to make him suitable for this kind of job. What do you think? Is this fair?

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